Our vast team of professional experts are trusted in the industry and not only support, but provide relevant medical input to both the clients and the employees to get them to their ultimate goal: A full return to their pre-injury level of function.

FTC  operates with the belief that understanding each and every individual situation, when presented to us as a unique one, allows us to provide a range of resolutions and alternatives to assist in getting employees to their pre-injury level of function. You can trust FTC  will support and encourage employees while constantly communicating with our stakeholder.

We believe that everyone working actively is the essence and balance of health. By applying this viewpoint FTC  believes this a key and active component in containing disability costs.

Understanding all the factors which influence the duration of a disability claim is key.

Knowing and accepting that all persons respond differently to a disability is critical.

Absences due to injury or illness—no matter how short the duration—can cost companies financial loss and prevent them from reaching their business goals.

Disabilities such as mental health, chronic pain or multi-diagnosis claims can be complex to manage, particularly because of privacy legislation. Employers prefer to provide much needed support to their employees when they fall ill. Balancing the need to maintain productivity in the workplace while trying to contain costs can be a challenge on a daily basis.

It has become common for employers across Canada to partner with a company like FTC  to help in the managing of their files. By doing this, we assist in bringing disability costs down.

FTC  applies a personal approach in which, through much collaboration, key people are involved in creating the best solution for all.