Functional Treatment Centres  offers over 21 different disciplines with a roster that consists of over 120 assessors in total. Each discipline houses a minimum of 2-3 assessors. This vast array of assessors and disciplines guarantees insurers that we are able to service any assessment need with one call to our facility. Our assessors provide Medical & Rehabilitation, Attendant Care, Caregiving, Non-Earner, Housekeeping and Home Maintenance, and Income Replacement Benefit, both Pre and Post 104 week assessment opinions. FTC  also provides insurers with Catastrophic determinations. FTC  assessors also provide quick turn-around Paper File Review assessments. Our assessors are experts in both assessment and treatment focused on facilitating a return to pre-accident level of function. As such a well-balanced evidence-based opinion is derived to assist insurers in managing claims.

FTC  is an industry leader in delivering objective independent medical reports of the highest quality. From the outset of receiving a referral, the most suitable assessment discipline is determined, minimizing costs to insurers in re-assessing claimants for the same referral questions. Paper File Review reports are provided to the insurer within 3-5 business days. If a request is made for an In-Person Examination, FTC  provides the referral source reports back within 5-7days from the assessment date.

FTC  believes in providing unparalleled quality, service, and integrity in all that we do. Our commitment to transparency strengthens our relationship with our stakeholders and clients, distinguishing Functional Treatment Centres from other assessment facilities.

We remain diligent in maintaining our current timelines and continue to provide insurers with objective, expert, and unbiased reports. This philosophy has allowed FTC  to meet the ever-changing demands of the insurance system, and on this, you have our unwavering commitment.